Keys to Success

The online and hybrid version of this course is offered in a flexible, highly self-reliant format. When compared to traditional courses with a more rigid and structured format, some students may take some time to adjust.

To be successful in this course, students should be self-motivated, detail oriented, computer literate, and have the ability to troubleshoot technical difficulties through the use of search engines, help documentation, and discussion forums. Take the time to carefully read the course syllabus and understand the course requirements.

Before posting new questions on discussion forums, students should first review previous posts to check for solutions. Questions posted should be accurate, detailed, and precise. Take the time to read the course syllabus carefully, understand the course requirements, and review the course orientation material.

Submit More than the Minimum Work to Get an A

Most assignments will require a minimum amount of work to receive a grade. For example, a writing assignment may require a minimum length of 500 to 600 words. Students that only submit the minimum amount of work (between 500 to 600 words in this example) should expect to receive at most a C grade. To receive an A, students should submit exemplary work that exceeds the minimum requirements by a significant amount.

Course Load and Hourly Commitment to Study

At Humboldt State University, a unit represents approximately three hours of work per week. This calculation means that for a 3 unit class in a standard 16-week semester, students should be prepared to spend 9 hours per week on reading, activities, and study. For the 3 unit, 8-week version of this course, each week of this course represents two weeks of a regular semester. Students should be prepared to spend at least 18 hours per week on reading, activities, and study.

Students who accept this hourly commitment and plan for it, are the most successful.