Questions and Answers

The instructor will address questions Monday through Friday, at least once per day.

Students are expected to seek answers to questions regularly throughout the semester. Understanding where to post questions or look for existing answers is important.

Typically, there are two ways to obtain answers to questions:


It may be tempting to send your instructor an email as soon as you have questions. However, this is not always appropriate. If an issue is related to a personal or confidential matter, such as grades, emailing the instructor using your HSU email via Google Mail is appropriate. If the question is not confidential, students should use the discussion forums.

Students who consistently ask general questions using email, and not the discussion forums, will be gently reminded to do so by the instructor.

Discussion forums

If the question is general or related to the course content, such as assignments, quizzes, class schedule, etc., students are required to use the discussion forums to post questions, rather than emailing the instructor directly. This step is the equivalent of a student raising their hand in a face-to-face class. It will save time, and every student in the course will have a chance to hear both the question and answer.

In the context of peer collaboration and support, students are also welcome to try to answer each other’s questions on the discussion forums.

Troubleshooting and Technical Help

It is the student’s responsibility to make sure their computer meets the minimum requirements and to install all required software at the start of the course.

If students encounter problems or have questions, they should seek assistance.  When requesting assistance, please be as detailed as possible about the problem or issue. Include many details and provide a screen capture image.

HSU Technology Help Desk

The HSU Technology Help Desk can assist with Canvas, HSU User account, or password problems. The Help Desk can’t provide assistance with problems such as virus infections and other system-level issues relating to student-owned equipment.