Computers on Campus

When completing online activities, students are welcome to use any of the geospatial computer labs on campus during open lab hours. These labs include Forestry 203 and 204A, and Natural Resources 203. There are also computers on the first floor of the HSU library with geospatial software installed. Students may inquire at the HSU Library Help Desk for details on the current status of computers and software.

Courses are also taught in these computer labs, so please be respectful. Check the schedule posted on the door before entering. Do not interrupt an ongoing class. If you arrive at the start of a class, always ask the instructor permission to use the computers if there is a class in session.

Students are expected to complete the online portion of the lab activities outside of regular meeting times. Check the schedule posted outside the rooms below to find out when there are open lab hours.

Building Room Door Code
Natural Resources 203  1913
Forestry 203  5634
Forestry 204  5634
Science A 364 N/A
HSU Library 1st Floor N/A

Recommended Online Resources

Students are encouraged to use services such as, to improve the quality of writing assignments. With the free version, students can upload their writing assignments, check the quality of their work, and make corrections before submitting a final draft.

Students who have used this service in the past earned consistently higher grades than those who did not.

Campus  Learning Resources

The Geospatial Homework Lab is located in Natural Resources 203. When time and budget allow, several students are available throughout the week as Geospatial Support Assistants.

Schedules change every semester, but students can view the Geospatial Support Assistant Schedule posted on the door to find out when help will be available.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of additional academic resources at HSU. In particular, students should seek help with writing assignments and the final project at the HSU Writing Studio. For additional resources visit the HSU Learning Center.