Video Tutorial 6.1

Nicolas MalloyAuthor: Nicolas R. Malloy

Downloading and Georeferencing Aerial Photographs

Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this tutorial should be able to:

  • Practice setting up a workspace
  • Demonstrate how to find and download NAIP and Landsat imagery data from the internet
  • Use ArcMap to georeference an aerial photograph with an unknown spatial reference


In this tutorial, find and download satellite imagery from the USGS earth Explorer. You will then use the downloaded imagery to georeference an aerial photograph of Arcata.

Use the link above to navigate to the image page. Right-click on the image and “select save image as…”, then save the nospatialreference.jpg to your originals folder.

Watch the videos below and follow along to complete the tutorial.

Part 1: Downloading imagery from the USGS Earth Explorer

Part 2 Georeferencing an Aerial Photograph

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