Lesson 5: Mobile Mapping Fundamentals

Nicolas MalloyAuthor: Nicolas R. Malloy

5.19 User Segment

Any devices, such as GPS receivers, or applications that use GPS technology make up the user segment.

An image of different GPS Recievers

HSU Students georeference control points using GPS receivers.

Top, from left to right: Cintia Farias De Souza, Felipe Ribeiro De Toledo Camargo, Clara Dos Santos Baptista, Raphael Garcia Da Silva Luiz Pereira. Middle: Nicolas Malloy. Bottom, from left to right: Cintia Farias De Souza, Marcio Pagano Aragona.

There are many types of GPS receivers ranging from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Lower cost receivers are usually referred to as recreation grade. These types of units are suitable for automobile navigation and outdoor recreational activities such as geocaching, a type of treasure hunt using geographic coordinates. Mapping grade GPS units are suitable for the collection of geospatial data and can offer up to 1-meter accuracy. These units are capable of recording features such as waypoints (points), tracks (lines), and polygons. These features can be downloaded to a computer and used with GIS software. Survey grade GPS units can cost thousands of dollars but are capable of accuracy within a centimeter. Survey grade GPS units are suitable for engineering and construction applications.

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