Though GSP 101 and GSP 101L are normally separate co-requisite courses, this online version presents them as a single, integrated course. As a result, students will earn a single grade based on the criteria below. The same grade will appear on transcripts for both the GSP 101 and the GSP 101L courses.

Each grade category will be weighted as follows:

  • Activities 25%
  • Quizzes 15%
  • Midterm 20%
  • Final Exam 20%
  • Final Project 20%

Accumulation of weighted point totals at the following percentage levels will be assigned a grade no lower than that indicated in the table below.

Letter Grade Grade Percentages
A > 93.0 %
A- 90.0-92.9 %
B+ 87.0-89.9 %
B 83.0-86.9 %
B- 80.0-82.9 %
C+ 77.0-79.9 %
C 73.0-76.9 %
C- 70.0-72.9 %
D+ 65.0-69.9 %
D 60.0-64.9 %
F 40.0-59.9 %
WU <40%

Extra Credit

At various time during the course students may have the opportunity to complete extra credit assignments. Instructions for extra credit may be included the course Canvas page, in activity pages or in the lesson overview, depending on the nature of the assignment. Late extra credit assignments will not be accepted.

 Please remember that extra credit is a privilege, not a right.